Online Dating Personals are the modern version of print dating personals, or “want ads.” Until the invention of the internet, people who wanted alternative ways of meeting someone read the newspaper to find other brave souls who posted an advertisement in search for a romantic partner. The reason why people were brave to do this, is because there was a stigma attached to this practice. In the past, young people married at a very young age. Typically, they married someone that they lived next door to, went to high school with, lived in the neighborhood with, or went to college with. This was the way that society operated, and in some parts of the world, marriages are still arranged for single people by their respective families.


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Dating personals are advertisements that state who the advertiser is in general, and what in general that advertiser is looking for in a romantic partner. Typically, a person would list abbreviations that would be shorthand for their descriptions, and they would use abbreviations for the person that they were looking for. They would have to mail in their advertisement, wait for it to run in print, and hope that their ad would run for longer than a week. The great thing about the internet is that people can avoid the pitfalls that they experiences with print ads. Online dating personalswork out wonderful in ways that print romantic personal dating ads could never accomplish.

For example, the person who want to post their online dating personals, has a wide variety of dating web sites to choice from. In the past, a person had only their local newspaper to choose from. Now, a person can sit at their desk, get on their computer, and pick out many online dating sites from around the world. They don’t have to create different personals; they can post the same personals to many personal dating web sites. Another advantage of online dating personals, is that the response can be immediate in some cases. Many online dating sites will post the profiles of new members. Usually when a member is new, they will find that they get lots of responses from people who have been members of the dating website, and that are always looking for new people to meet.

Online dating personals are a part of the sign-up process when a person signs up on a dating website. The best personals will tell a little about themselves, what they enjoy, and what they are looking to gain by joining the dating website. Because these are online, the profiles tend to be more generous. That is, the poster doesn’t have to use abbreviations. They can simply write a short, easy to read blurb that doesn’t need interpretation.

It’s very easy to create online dating personals, again, they are a part of the online dating process.

Online Dating Personals