For those who are looking for love, video dating might be just the thing that opens the door for a new connection. It’s safer than going up to some stranger. It’s a way for people to get to know you in a way that doesn’t create discomfort for either party. Here are some more reasons as so to why video dating makes sense.
– You can connect with just the right people: When a person gets to view your video in video dating, they will choose you based upon what you discuss in your video, how you look, and other attractive aspects. Video dating takes a lot of the mystery that goes into the first away. There won’t be any unpleasant surprises when it comes to looks. Also, both parties can be assured that there is some common connection well before their first meeting.

– You can go in depth about who you are, and the things that matter: Back in the old days of newspaper dating ads, a person only had a few lines to sum themselves up. They had to use weird abbreviations, and they left a lot of information out. with regards to online dating sites, a person gets a little more room to write, but they still might not be able to express themselves the way that they would like. When a person creates a video profile for video dating, they can express themselves as if they were talking to a friend. This will enable them to discuss what is on their minds, and hearts. They will be able to discuss exactly what is important to them.

– You can express the many layers of your personality: Again, a print or an online ad can’t really begin to show a prospect your personality. On the other hand, a video can express your personality in the way that nothing else can. People can see and hear you. They can see your vocal inflections, in addition to hearing your words instead of reading them. They can look into your eyes, and watch your facial expressions. They can get a good gut feeling based upon what non-verbal signals that you are giving off during your video dating session.

– People can judge right from the start if they are physically attracted to you, or you to them: When a person post an online dating profile, they will do one of a few things. They might post an old picture that looks real good, but they might not look the same way now. This is especially true for someone who has gained a lot of weight. To that end, they might post a picture that is years old. Even worse, an online dating poster might post a picture that isn’t even them! But with video dating, the truth all comes out. What you see is what you get, and the other way around. A person can judge right away if you are attractive based on who you are now. Or, you can judge attractiveness based on who they are now, and not what they want you to see.

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