Intimacy Other Than Sexual Intimacy To Keep Your Love Alive and Well

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Intimacy Other Than Sexual Intimacy To Keep Your Love Alive and Well

Give Him or Her a Massage

Not every kind of being physical; involves sex. For instance, holding hands is a sweet way to connect that doesn’t imply anything more than it is. Dancing is another way to connect physically without sex.

Similarly, giving your partner a massage can be sensual and sexy without involving sex.

The goal is to celebrate sensual intimacy independent of sexuality. A massage doesn’t have to be a seduction. The goal is good feelings that aren’t genitally centered. You want to feel warm, happy and contented – not sexual.

Don’t treat a massage as a quid pro quo. It’s a gift. Maybe later your partner will want to give you a gift of massage. But right now it is something you are giving him or her.

You’ll want to get some good massage oil for the massage. Then find a flat surface in a comfortably warm room. A bed will work, but you don’t want to ruin expensive sheets and towels. Find some soothing music and soft lighting.

You can choose to give a full body massage or a less intimate one. If you are giving a full body massage, remember to include the hands and feet. It’s a good idea to exclude genitalia when giving the gift of a massage and always offer the option of underwear kept on.

If you aren’t at a sexual stage of a relationship, you can offer a hand and foot massage as an alternative to a full body massage.

Plan to spend at least an hour on the massage.

If you are unsure about how to give a massage, you can get a good book from the book store, take a class, or practice on a friend first (who will love being your practice object!)

Michelle and Brian decided to take a couple’s massage class together. It was a fun way to get out and meet people. But it also strengthened their relationship because they developed a practical skill that they could use in their relationship.

Now they love to give – and receive – massages and they feel that they are competent in giving them. They feel like they save hundreds of dollars a year in masseuse fees and give each other a special gift at the same time.

Shampoo and Bathe Your Love

In many cultures, baths have had ritual status both as a way of purifying but also of relaxing and celebrating.

There is something very loving about washing someone. The warm water, soap and bubbles take us back to being cared for and pampered and loved.

A long, careful, gentle shampoo is sexy. Get some scented candles and soft music to go along with it.

While a shower has its own sex appeal, that’s not what were talking about here.

Bathing together when there is a hygiene problem on the part of one partner can be a fun and nifty way of bypassing those less than romantic odor discussions.

You can also make bathing independent of lovemaking. In fact, it may be even more romantic when it is independent of sex. Play geisha girl or boy to your loved one.

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