In This Series of Articles on The Art of Seduction article 5

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 In This Series of Articles on The Art of Seduction article 5

A Seductive Feast

There are romantic meals and then there are seductive feasts. What makes the difference.

A romantic meal has elements of seduction but tends to be more staid. Romantic dinners can also be limited by the amount of time involved both for the meal and for the lovemaking that will follow.

In a seductive feast, every aspect of the meal is designed to awaken pleasure for the mind and boy. It is designed to lead to sensual lovemaking and develop arousal.

One common scenario is a late night supper for two. But, it is possible to step outside of this routine. For instance, a Sunday brunch leaves time to make love for the rest of the day.

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There are five elements for a seductive feast:

1. The Setting. You’ll want the setting to match your fantasies. You can do it indoors, outdoors, or in bed. You can “recreate” your dining room through elaborate decoration. One couple draped the dining room in printed sheets to simulate the inside of a Bedouin tent.

2. Planning. Do your best to make this the best experience you can. Some couples do all of the shopping and cooking together. Other times, one person cooks as a gift to the other. Still others have the meal catered. Whatever option you choose, do it with the best. For instance, pick the best peaches of the season or the most expensive chocolate.

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3. Food. While there’s little proof that food has aphrodisiac qualities, there are still foods that represent love. They get you in the mood for sex. These include oysters, turffles, vanilla, and wine. You should avoid greasy, salty, heavy or commonplace foods. Remember that the smell of the food and the cooking influences people in different ways too. Shapes and colors of food can be suggestive. Keep all of your senses in mind when you select the menu. Another thing to think about is whether you want to eat after the lovemaking session rather than before. Rather than being too full for sex, the passion can leave you hungry for good food. Alternatively, make love between the main course and desert. Finally, consider a “gate dinner” where sensuous food is served to each other off of body parts.

4. Wine. A good wine or champagne can be an important part of the meal. They are sexier than beer, soda, tea, or coffee. Research shows that a moderate amount of alcohol can relax you and stimulate your senses. Too much though can ruin sexual desire and performance so both partners should be aware of the amount they drink. Also, alcohol is obviously not appropriate for people who abstain, who are alcoholics, or are in recovery. In these cases, try to have a romantic drink such as sparkling apple cider.

5. Atmosphere. Remember that you want to play to all the senses – not just the taste buds. Consider what music you want to play softly in the background. A jazz CD or a romantic vocalist can set the right tone. Don’t pick music that is too fast which causes you to rush or too loud which is distracting. Wear comfortable clothing that arouses both you and your mate.

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