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 In a Series of Articles on The Art of Seduction

The Art of Seduction

Dave met Karen at a bar. He approached her and she coyly rejected his initial advances. He bought her a drink and she agreed to dance. By the end of the evening, he had her phone number.

He called and she agreed to go out. Before the date, she spent a lot of time on her hair and make up. She bought a new outfit which showed off her body to its best advantage.

He came with flowers and took her to the nicest restaurant in town. He complimented her at every turn.

Things went really well and soon they were a couple. Dave continued to romance Karen by taking her on long walks on the beach at sunset and paying attention to the little details. Karen went out of her way to buy sexy lingerie and sent him coded text messages when she was apart from him.

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On Valentine’s Day, Dave proposed by getting down on one knee. Karen accepted. An October wedding was planned.

Their first few months as a married couple were bliss. But, after a while, the “spark” seemed to go out. They still made love, but things got blasé. Sex became routine.

Then Karen got pregnant. Once little Molly was born, their lives changed dramatically. They were increasingly busy and sex became a secondary aspect to their relationship.

Karen never lost 10 pounds from her pregnancy and was too tired and busy to go to the gym.

Keychain on Seduction

Keychain on Seduction—LoveSystems (

Dave and Karen began to drift further and further apart. Finally, they went to a therapist for marriage counseling.

The therapist’s advice? “You need to seduce one another again.”

Dave and Karen thought that seduction was for people in the early stages of their relationships, not for people who had been married for four years or more. “I don’t even remember how to be seductive,” Karen said.

This series of articles is for people like Karen and Dave who have been married for a while and want to reconnect. Seduction is one of the best ways to do that.

Article 2 will continue tomorrow with “Why to Seduce Your Partner” in this series of article on “The Art of Seduction

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