How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back If She’s With Another Man

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How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back If She’s With Another Man – advice online

Break ups happen every day, so this situation happens every day, several times a day, where just after breaking up you discover your ex girlfriend has already found another man and you want to get her back. If this is happening to you don’t get discouraged! One thing you can be pretty sure about is that this new girl is simply the rebound. If you still want to get your ex girlfriend back you need to do specific steps to position yourself to not only allow it to happen, but to make it happen. This can take a lot of time and a lot of patience on your part, but if you love her like crazy and can’t imagine being apart then you’ll stick to these things so that you can win her back.

Let Her Rebound

Allowing this to happen is one of the toughest things you’re going to be doing, but you have to let it happen. At the beginning their new relationship is going to be rainbows, sweeping epic music, and fairy tales so nothing you can say or do during this time will help you out. She will not want to leave her new beau even if you have the best reasons in the world during this honeymoon-type part of the relationship. The more you say the harder it’s going to be for you to get her back if you interfere right now. You need to suck it up and let this phase reach its end.

Accept Her New Relationship

Remember that she is watching you as closely as you are watching her, so your response to her new relationship is very important. You need to accept that she is in a new one and if you feel any signs of jealousy you are able to hold your tongue and hold back any other actions you might do that could hurt your chances later. Think about what is going through her head right now. Your ex girlfriend wants to feel vindicated in her decision of this new man over you and for you to feel miserable from it, and is not intentionally trying to be cruel to you in doing so, despite how this may look. If you break now you are feeding an ego of hers that needs to be fed by your reaction to this new person in her life.

What you should do in this situation is wish them well and let her know that you accept this new relationship. She is going for the reactions written above, she wants you to be jealous and miserable, so withhold that from her, however you are feeling inside. Your ex will be amazed that this is what they got instead. You could make her confused and panic because this is not what she was expecting. Your ex girlfriend wanted you to fight for her in some way or form, but you’ve turned the tables on her by not falling into this trap.

Keep Your Words Sweet On The New Boyfriend

If you talk badly about her new boyfriend you may only assure to your ex girlfriend that she made the right decision in breaking up. You’ve really got to keep quiet or say nice things here no matter how much you think he is bad for her, or that he will never make her happy, any and all of that needs to be held in. It’s not easy to do but it’s necessary. Why are you going through all this trouble? You haven’t done a lot of speaking lately, but that’s because what you might say could seriously hurt your chances of getting her back. The next step is that you want to ask your ex to be friends again so staying silent will work out for you over speaking your mind. Your ex girlfriend is not going to trust you again if you keep talking badly about her boyfriend and her decisions. She’s never going to confide in you if she doesn’t think she can trust you. Remain neutral. Give her someone she can talk to.

Withdraw From The Situation

By now you’ve spent a lot of time studying your ex girlfriend’s relationship with this new guy and can see chinks in the armor. You know her a lot better than he does too. You want to use these new found weaknesses to pry the new man away from ex girlfriend. The entire process and mindset to getting back your ex girlfriend is that you want to become friends with her, reestablish trust, and then slowly withdraw yourself from her life as she is starting to depend on you. She will now be face with the decision of you being gone from her life as she needs you the most. You will have her coming to you. Your end game is to make her make a choice between this new man in her life or you. Remember all the times you’ve had together and what you can offer that he can’t. You are the safer, more comfortable, and smarter choice. There is a long history together between the two of you and that is worth having and worth saving.

If your ex girlfriend is with another man you can see that it is not a hopeless situation. You can still pry her away from her new man if you doing the steps correctly. Follow these steps carefully and you’ll have your ex girlfriend back in your


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