Dating Tips: What NOT to do on the First Date

You might have read a hundred and one articles on dating tips that tell you exactly what to do on dates, but this article is not one of them. A lot of things can go wrong, even on perfectly planned dates. So if you want to avoid any kind of mishap or whatsoever, read on a little more and learn about what NOT to do during dates that could turn your night sour. Learn and enjoy!

  • Do not be late

There is no worse way to start the night than to have your date wait for hours on that table. Showing up late is sure start to a bad night and will create an ever worse first impression on you. So if you have a habit of being tardy, now would be the perfect time to turn that around. One of the best dating tips is to get prepared as early as you can so that you won’t find yourself rushing to the restaurant. An even better option would be to come early.

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  • Do not talk about yourself too much

Talking about yourself too much is a huge turn off as well. Who would want to spend time with people who have nothing to talk about but themselves, right? So make that conversation a give and take process. You talk and you listen as well. Dating tips for men: women especially love it when they are listened to – that should be an added plus for you.

  • Do not talk about past relationships

If you have not gotten over your past relationship, then this is not the time to let all your hurt out. Find another set of friends to talk to about this issue and not the person you are planning to build your next relationship with. Aside from that, never say bad things about your ex. As much as you want to, sharing all these things to your date will put you on a really bad light.

  • Do not drink too much alcohol

If you want to remember every detail on that first date then stay away from too much alcohol. A glass or two may do fine to help you get over those first date jitters, but never more. Dating tips for alcoholics: cut back on alcohol even just for the night. Because if not, chances are, you’ll end up humiliating yourself and ruining everything.

  • Do not start confessing your feelings just yet

If you have loved that girl secretly for the longest time, never tell her so on that first date. You are going to sound needy and maybe even scary. Take it slow and just make use of the time to get to know your date some more. If things turn out right, then there are more dates to come and more time for you to spend together.

So there you have it: dating tips on what NOT to do on that first date. As much as you can, stay away from these mishaps on that first date. And remember to enjoy. It’s what dates are meant for in the first place.

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