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 Finding Someone Special To Spend Your Life With

Method 2 – Efficient Dating

Cynthia really wants to settle down again. She feels lost without being part of a couple. But the smart thing for her to do right now is to date around and get a feel for adult dating. Here are some ways she can meet some eligible men without having to commit to marriage again right away.

One of the best things she could do is ask friends and family to hook her up with eligible men. The people who know her and care about her are going to look after her interests when they make an introduction.

While a “blind date” can be a scary thought, it’s actually safer than meeting people in most other ways. There’s always a human connection so the odds of her date being a mad rapist is extremely low.

Cynthia should thank the friend who set the date up no matter what the outcome is. That will keep whatever supply there is flowing. She should remember though that her friends have a limited supply of friends! At some point she’s going to run out of date referrals and need to move on to other methods.

In many communities, there are a good number of singles-specific events. These include dances, parties, dinners, progressive dinners, volleyball games, softball leagues, and outdoor activities. The good thing about singles-specific events is that you know everyone there is single and are looking, if only casually, for a date.

Larger cities tend to have more formal arrangements for single’s dating. But you can still find opportunities to mix and mingle in cities and towns of all sizes.

Many of these single’s specific activities are orchestrated by professional companies that do nothing but event planning for the single set. There are a number of targeted dating services as well. If you want to date someone within your own religion, date other people who have children, or meet someone with specific interests (baseball or science fiction), there’s an event out there for you.

The downside to these events is that anyone can come. The groups organizing the events don’t conduct background checks and sometimes married people come to scope out the market. Smaller more personal events tend to attract the more serious daters.

Cynthia should have a genuine interest in the events she attends. Otherwise she could end up meeting a man at a Super Bowl Fanatics party and later end up a football widow. If she goes to a dance and hates dancing, she may meet someone she really likes and then disappoint him by telling him she doesn’t want to go dancing ever again.

A new phenomenon in Singles Specific events is Speed Dating. These events generally cost $20 to $50 and range in size from 7 people of each gender to 50 people of each gender. The sponsors try to have the same number of people from both genders.

In a typical scenario, there will be 10 men and 10 women. The women will sit at tables while the men will rotate through all 10 tables. They will have 7 minute “dates” where they can find out whether there is any interest. At the end of the evening, they fill out a card stating who they would like to see again. Where there is a “match” – that is both parties have indicated interest – the contact information will be forwarded to both parties.

Cynthia will meet several potential dates in one evening and have time to actually talk to each one. Direct questions are permissible and even encouraged. She can ask questions about employment, money, dating objectives and the like. This can save her gobs of time which would have been wasted going out on each of these dates on successive nights.

There’s no guarantee that she’ll meet anyone she feels attracted to. The more “specialized” the group, the better her chances are. So, she might want to attend a Catholic Speed Dating Night or a “40 Somethings” Speed Dating Night to increase her chances of compatibility.

Another thing Cynthia should consider is to log on to an internet chat room. When she’s feeling lonely, she can go online and chat with someone who is also looking for some online companionship.

She should be aware that she can’t always trust what people say about themselves online. If she’s intending to meet the person in the “real” world, she should make sure that it is at a very public place and that she has her own means of transportation.

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