Article 2 In The Series of Articles on Finding Someone Special To Spend Your Life With

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 Finding Someone Special To Spend Your Life With

Casual Dating Finding Someone Special To Spend Your Life With

Jerome, in our example from the introduction, is looking for something to do, but is not looking to get married in the near future. While it is possible he’ll meet his soul mate this summer, the likelihood is that he’ll go away in the fall and forget about the girls he went out with. Instead, he’s looking for friends and dating around.

There are lots of ways for him to meet other teen agers. He can go to fairs, festivals, ethnic celebrations, harvestfests, Octoberfests (okay, I know I said it was summer, but you get the idea), concerts, sing-alongs, sporting events, flea markets, stamp shows, Civil War reenactments, zoos, and amusement parks. Basically, if he indulges his special interests, he’ll meet others who share the interests.

These events will allow him to see his community and regional area while making friends who share his interest.

The crowds tend to be mixed in age and marital status so it can be difficult to differentiate who is attached from those unattached. Large crowds tend to include people who have brought dates or friends, so it can be hard to break into a closed circle. The shear volume of people and noise level can also make meeting people more difficult.

Jerome’s best bet is to bring a buddy to these events so that he has a better chance of running into people who are there doing the same thing. He’ll probably meet more people if he goes with a friend than if he goes by himself.

If Jerome doesn’t know any activities that are going on beyond the world of his high school, he can contact his local chamber of commerce, read the calendar or weekend editions of local newspapers, and check bulletin boards and online sites for special event schedules.

Another place for Jerome to look is at church events. That doesn’t mean he has to go to the 9 a.m. Sunday service either. Most churches hold activities open to the public including mainstays such as potluck dinners and carnivals but also including special events or dances for singles of all religions.

People at church events tend to be positive, warm hearted and emotionally supportive.

Jerome might look around for a “just for fun” class. He’ll be taking a full academic load majoring in Engineering in the fall, so now is the time to do something fun like taking a cooking class or joining a hiking group.

These kinds of things can expand his mind, help him get in shape, and make him a more interesting person.

To find these kind of classes, look at universities and colleges, community centers, park districts, YMCAs, museums, churches, and all kinds of clubs.

Article 3 in this series of articles on Finding Someone Special To Spend Your Life With will focus on Method 2 – Efficient Dating .

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