A Single’s Take on Christian Dating

A Christian’s views when it comes to dating can be very different from the rest of the world. This is because unlike what society dictates – to experience as many dates as you can and pick the best among them all, Christian dating believes in reserving everything for that person God destined for you. This means that dates are not done with random invitations and spur-of-the-moment decisions but they are thoroughly thought over, in prayer and in meditation.

What people do not understand and many Christians struggle over is the question: “how do you find the right one without even trying?” This is something that only faith can answer. Christians believe that God has a specific plan for every person and that He has placed that plan into your heart so that you will desire it as well. Some Christians are destined to get married while some might be called to blessed singleness. Either way, the only way of knowing what direction you are headed for is by prayer.

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Christian dating is also founded by friendship. Because of this, Christians are advised to start off any relationship as friends. Why so? This is because this is one good starting ground where you can really get to know each other as real persons. If all go well, then you can now proceed to a deeper relationship as exclusive couples.

Christians also believe in chastity before marriage and hence, any form of physical contact is discouraged before marriage. This is an ever present struggle for dating Christians but then again, this is something that many couples have successfully overcome. And as what many married Christians always say, the long wait is always well worth it.

Although most Christians are advised to date only people in the same faith, this may not always hold true for each and every single. Some single men and women who are dating people of different beliefs sometimes end up encouraging their partners to accept Jesus as well. So for those who are dating, always go through that road with prayer and advice from your fellow Christians.

Now when it comes to Christian dating, singles are advised to dress nicely, not revealing too much skin that may put your partner’s purity at risk. But aside from that, dating Christians are just like those normal couples on that date as well.

Today, there are plenty of online Christian dating sites where fellow Christians can meet other singles on the World Wide Web. This way, you are sure that the people you are going to meet on those sites share the same beliefs and love for God as you. And finally, do not forget the Bible. There is probably no better place to run to for advice and inspiration than from God’s words.

Christian dating may seem very long and uninviting from the rest of the world. It takes a whole lot of waiting and even more prayers to start a relationship right. Entrusting your relationship to God is something that not all people are open to. But the truth is there is no better entity in the universe that can help your right love story but Him.

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