7th Article And Conclusion of The Series On “Sparks of Love”

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“Sparks of Love”

The Stereotypes Matter

There are many stereotypes pertaining to men and women in relationships. For one thing, there is the stereotype that a man should be 4 inches taller than a woman so he is taller even when she wears heels. This is ridiculous! While men tend to be taller than women by nature, don’t throw away an otherwise good relationship because a man is shorter or a woman is taller than you.

Another stereotype is that a man should make more money than his partner. This is another hold over from the days when women could only get low paying jobs. Today, many women make good salaries. If the salary of the other party bothers someone, it causes a power struggle that probably cannot be overcome. If all of the other factors point toward a successful relationship, the fact that the woman makes more than the man shouldn’t matter.

Then there’s the idea that the man should be older than the woman. In fact, many old men marry young women in an attempt to recreate their youth. It is perfectly “normal” for a man to be 3-5 years older than the woman he marries. In truth, there should be no issue with a woman having the same age “advantage” over a man.

Finally, there’s the issue of which parent is going to stay home and raise the children. For many parents, this is not even a question as both have to work. But for the ones who have the option, having dad stay at home isn’t necessarily a bad idea. Getting over the stereotype of “mom stays at home while dad works” can significantly enhance a family’s happiness.

Keep in mind that a stereotype is only as powerful as you allow it to be. By overcoming stereotypes, you can date from a much larger group of people and thus have a better chance of marrying a great person.


So there you have it – 16 things that matter and 7 things that don’t.

Love is a beautiful thing. But it is also fragile. You need to be able to find common ground with a partner who you adore in order to make things work for the long haul.

The spark of love is more than an attraction across a crowded room. It is a lifetime of shared interests, experiences, and values. It is the work you put into the marriage and the fun you have along the journey.

What makes a couple compatible? It’s no one thing. It’s a combination of many variables that adds up to a lifetime of joy.

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